Public Works Applicator (Metal)


The Best Product Applicator in the business!

The Public Works Applicator is specially made to handle the tough jobs public works professionals are required to do day in and day out.

Do you have questions about the Public Works Applicators? Call 1-800-688-6221 between 7:30am and 4:30pm CST to speak to customer service.

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  • 3-Gallon Heavy Duty Metal

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If you buy or stock sprayers for your personnel to spray liquids, such as herbicides, degreasers, citrus solvents, tar removers, tack oils, form oils, release agents or any other cleaners or coatings, then you must have experienced some of these aggravating sprayer problems:

  • Jobs interrupted – by complaints from the field about sprayers not working.
  • Deteriorating gaskets and o’rings – caused by aggressive liquids.
  • The high cost of constantly replacing -those inexpensive ordinary or garden type sprayers.
  • Never getting the right flow rate – through those flimsy plastic adjustable nozzles.
  • Inventory problems – constantly ordering or running to the store for new sprayers.

Rhomar developed the Public Works Applicators to eliminate these aggravating problems caused by ordinary sprayers and give you an applicator that just WORKS! Start using the Public Works Applicators in your operations and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Built tough – designed specifically for State DOT’s, Public Works Departments and the private contractors that work with them.
  • Parts availability – all parts are available and in stock. Why replace them when you can simply repair them.
  • Hi-tec gaskets and O-rings – will not harden or shrink up like those made of rubber.
  • Easy change screw-on nozzle tips – are available for those jobs when you need to change the flow rate.
  • You have a choice – of a 3-Gallon Heavy Duty Metal or 3-Gallon Rugged Big Mouth Polyethylene depending on the job that needs to be done.
  • Public Works Applicators that get the job done – Simply put, there is no better applicator on the market today.

Our 3-Gallon Public Works Applicators are currently being used by:

  • State DOTS
  • County Highway Departments
  • City Street Departments
  • Sewer/Water/Wastewater Departments
  • Park & Recreation Departments
  • Fleet Departments
  • Bridge Departments
  • Building & Grounds Departments
  • Solid Waste Departments
  • Snow Removal Contractors
  • Asphalt Contractors
  • Military
  • Schools Districts, Colleges and Universities
  • National Park Service
  • Agricultural Industry

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Product Details

Heavy Duty Metal (3-Gallon)
Item Number: RH-360S
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 8 x 8 x 23
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
Origin: USA

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