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Lubra-Seal-1Salt Spreader Protective Coating and Lubricant

LUBRA-SEAL is a propitiatory blend of encapsulating sealants and lubricants that protects your salt spreaders during summer storage and winter operations. It goes on your salt spreaders as a black liquid that dries to form a thin, non-tacky, flexible polymer skin, which does not wash off. This polymer skin works by blocking out oxygen, moisture and salt residue, completely protecting your salt spreader from rust and corrosion damage during summer storage. LUBRA-SEAL also contains a moly lubricant that lubricates the drag chain, preventing seizure during winter operations.

LUBRA-SEAL is the #1 salt spreader protection product used by State DOT’S, Counties, Cities and Private Contractors that operate salt spreaders from manufactures such as Swenson, Monroe, Flink, Hi-Way, Western, Air-Flo, Blizzard, and others. They enjoy the following benefits and so can you:

  • Protects the entire salt spreader – from rust and corrosion damage caused by moisture, oxygen and salt residue during summer storage.
  • Delivers amazing lubrication to movable components, – reducing friction damage or drag chain seizure problems during winter operations.
  • Reduces the possibly of soil contamination and EPA fines – will not wash off onto the ground beneath the salt spreader like used motor oil does.
  • Extends the operational life cycle of your spreader and spreader components – like the drag chains, augers, hydraulic couplings and more.
  • Lowers maintenance costs – by reducing unscheduled repairs, keeping your spreaders on the road and out of the shop.
  • Higher trade-in or resale values – when it’s time to replace your spreader.

Lubra-Seal-2LUBRA-SEAL is primarily used to protect salt spreaders during summer storage and lubricate movable components, such as drag chains and augers prior to winter operation. For best results, use LUBRA-SEAL on the following:

  • Drag chains and augers.
  • Inside walls of spreader boxes.
  • Gates, adjustment mechanisms, and channels for floor plates.
  • Hydraulic Couplings.
  • Plow faces and pivots.

LUBRA-SEAL is currently being used by the following:

  • State DOTS
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Snow Removal Contractors
  • Military
  • Schools Districts, Colleges and Universities
  • National Park Service
  • Hospitals
  • AG Industry